SR Performance Automotive can handle all your modification needs from basic modifications to all out track car. SRP have prepared a number of cars for Targa Tasmania, Eastern Creek & Drag Racing. One of SRP's specialties is restoring Corvettes and Muscle Cars.

catsSteve himself has built and races his own Corvette. Apart from Restoring & Rebuilding Corvettes & Muscle cars. SRP also have a reputation for Servicing most European cars as we have all the special tools required in the servicing of Volvo & BMW.


  • All your scheduled servicing requirements for all makes and models.
  • Full restoration and performance work for classic and modern muscle cars.
  • hp2WD Dyno tuning - Power and torque testing, driveline vibration testing, fuel and speedo  checks.
  • Computer tuning using HP Tuners software for GM, Ford, Chrysler, Jeep and dodge models.

At our workshop in Arncliffe, SR Performance employ the very latest technology in Tuning and Restoration of all muscle cars.

C.A.T.S. or Computer Automotive Tuning Systems
Tuner CAT Enables calibration of ECM/PCM values for pre 1996 GM vehicles by flashing ERPROM or flash memory as in 1994/95 LT1

HP Tuners
HP Tuners software allows us complete tuning solutions from small modifications to tuning camshaft changes, intake modifications, supercharging ect. For a full supported vehicles list, check out HP Tuners website.

We have the latest version of HP Tune (2.0) and can optimize the tuning of your car

2WD Dyno Tuning
Power and Torque testing,
Check: Speedo, Fuel consumption, drive vibrations,
intake and exhaust restrictions

We are equipped with the latest Dyno Dynamic 2wd dyno